Does coronavirus is pandemic? The WHO declares Coronavirus Pandemic Survival Guide! On Wednesday, the world health organization has declared coronavirus as a pandemic. Almost 4000 death has been recorded under the statistics. The doctors saying this virus has entered the third stage thus the situation will become more critical if the vaccine will not develop. The researchers are saying we have never seen this pandemic ever. It is still not under control and at the same time, doctors and researchers are describing the people to stay productive and use preventive measures as much as they can. According to the WHO, the coronavirus has process the great impact in the world which is now going to shut down completely. The home services and public transports in everything is shut down. 

On the note of pandemic, the doctor is saying the virus comes as the outbreak of pandemic which is spreading rapidly in the world and impacting the daily lives of peoples. It is also affecting the financial requirements of the Nations. Apart from all these inside it is very important for a person that they should look down what coronavirus is and how the people can survive with Coronavirus Pandemic Survival.

History of Pandemics:

Pandemic is not the first worse situation that ever worlds face. It first happened in the year 1580. According to the CDC, there are at least four pandemics work occurred in the year of the 19th century and 20th century. The most diverse pandemic in history referred to as a Spanish flu which has estimated over 500 million deaths in the world. This virus was generated under the genes of avian which is nearly connected with birds. It was said that this pandemic occurred during the world war in 1918 that work killed many American soldiers. The second most influenza occurs in East Asia named with H2I2 virus. This as reported 1.1 million death in the world. Well apart from all the historical pandemics. The Coronavirus has created history because it is already talked about hundreds of people’s death especially in China and Italy.

On the report of CNN and CDC, there was no respiratory virus that has been tracked until the Coronavirus. This has taken the people into the virus because there is no medicine till developed.

What is Coronavirus?

A coronavirus is a group of viruses that have many different kinds and cause respiratory diseases. It is in a new and identified virus that outbreaks in China, Wuhan. This is a dangerous disease that has spread almost all the countries in the world. This creates a dangerous illness by affecting the respiratory organs. Mainly cause two types of diseases such as serve acute respiratory syndrome and the Middle East respiratory syndrome.

This was first investigated in China and took only several days to spread all over the world. This has been affected by millions of men and women, and it is said that it mainly affects those people who have low immunity. The spread of this virus has monitor the world health organization and saying it as a pandemic. It creates a public health emergency in the world prefer lots of governments have taken the initiative to protect their people from this virus.

After taking out the reports Coronavirus Pandemic Survival Guide was saying that the world changes into the pandemic because more than 20% of hospitals were found with Corona virus-positive cases. Even more, the doctors are requesting the people to stay protective by using sanitizers and wearing mouth masks. It is a communicable disease that spreads by touching an infected person or thing or you can say that it is just like to common cold because the symptoms you will say with Coronavirus are more likely related to the common cold.

And it is the biggest reason people what not aware of the virus. Today everyone knows what they should do and you are also requested to please take care of yourself and the loved ones.

How is Coronavirus Spread?

The main root of Coronavirus is found in China, Wuhan. It is the ultimate source because it is the place where both dead and live bird animals were sold. It is also known as a wet market where mostly dead animals are being backed densely and it doesn’t matter what the condition of that animal was. Now you can think ok that how dangerous it was. Researchers are showing that the roots have come from this market because it is the place where every kind of animal sold. After making test doctors revealed that bats are the ultimate source of breaking this dangerous virus and even camels + civet bats are responsible for Coronavirus Pandemic Survival Guide.

Coronavirus is also considered as zoonotic which means it spread easily by touching the infected person. It is found that zoonotic systems are mostly found in the bats so the ultimate source you can consider for the Coronavirus is bats. 

How It Spread to Humans?

The people who have visited the wet market first found with viral pneumonia that further known as coronavirus. Coronavirus Pandemic Survival study has come out with the individual who was first reported with infection against seafood and it is still ongoing and separating worldwide.

Symptoms of Coronavirus that is Solve by Using Coronavirus Pandemic Survival Guide:

Coronavirus is a serious disease that has called serious problems to the individual and threating the people about its future concerns. It has found symptoms like common cold such as:

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Sneezing
  • Shortness of breath

If you have any kind of symptom of suffering from the common cold, you must consider doctor advice because this is most familiar with the Coronavirus symptoms. If you have any kind of respiratory difficulty especially the cough then you should seek the advice and go to the emergency room. 

Moreover, Coronavirus Pandemic Survival Guide is said that the coronavirus does not start with the first symptom. It will last 1 to 14 days and then it becomes serve. So it is important to control your symptoms on the time so, you will easily come over the COVID-19. When you reach the doctor he diagnoses it by performing two physical exam one is mild (nasal testing) and one serves (throat testing).

How is Coronavirus Treated with Coronavirus Pandemic Survival Kit?

Well, everyone is looking for the treatment but as of now there is no specific treatment is introduced to treat the virus. The people who are suffering from virus symptoms or the Coronavirus are just under the medications but they are not getting the proper relieving method from the doctors. Researchers and scientists are involved in making the medication super strong because it is almost the 3rd stage. 

Moreover, scientists have developed the medications, but they have failed to accomplish their needs. They are facing extreme difficulty in making the medication because every step is failing and they are still putting their hard work and hope they will introduce the best medication that can save the world quickly.

The Government Suggested Protective Methods:

Still, there is no medication developed and it is requested for everyone to stay safe by considering the precautions in daily life. Almost all the countries are now following method of Namaste because it gently gestures to the other and also protect yourself from the infected person.

The other methods are suggested as follows:

  • It is said that the virus spread easily when small droplets are produced while coughing or sneezing so everyone must wear a safePro mask on the mouth. 
  • Always keep the distance from the people. 
  • Wash your hands before and after going outside the house.
  • Drink one glass of water every morning at help to kill that the theory as and flushing out the toxic.
  • Always wear washed clothes and keep your hygiene.
  • Try to avoid contacting with people attending parties and marriages.

According to today’s report, we have found the government had decided to shut down the world till 31st march. The whole transport, public places, and tourist places are closed. Only doctors and hospitals will open for consumer wellness. 

They also alert the people by spreading the message all over the internet through radio, social media platforms, and many more. Given that the doctors are available for 24 hours and asked to facilitate the patients with the best facilities and treatments.

Is Coronavirus A Serious Disease?

After analyzing the doctor and the deathly ways we can easily say that it is a serious disorder and it needs to stop soon otherwise this will change the history of a pandemic. According to the WHO reports China has recorded a 2-3% death rate in the population and even more America Italy has recorded 1%. It is becoming serious and folk should be critical over it.

How to Stop This Spread by Using Coronavirus Pandemic Survival Guide?

The government and scientists + doctors are doing the best to stop its spread and the decision of shutting down the world is also the best move that can control the virus spread. Well, you can’t let all the things of the government and doctors you should take initiative and stay at home and protect yourself as much as you can. Just follow the precautions and be a lot over the systems.

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